The term theatre these days is replaced by the word multiplex which has multiple screens to provide seamless theatrical experience. Theatre is a broad term which is used for plays as well as showcasing movies. For the movie screens still the digital projection technology is used however since the advent of the multiplex culture there is more emphasis on the pre movie experience as well as watching movies is now provided as an all in all family outing period for most off the audience. The modern day theatre has a cafeteria with all the arrangements for foods, beverages and most importantly they have the best pre entertainment space for their guests.
All that being said; there is a wide scope for the advertisers, as well as the movie promoters, to capture the movie enthusiast audience’s attention. As they can gauge that since they do attend the movies that mean they might be people who generally go to the movie theatre to see the movies and hence there are digital signage boards installed in the waiting area as well as in the cafeteria for the customers. On these digital signage screens the trailers of the upcoming movies is shown and that is how there free digital signage services are availed for the pre movie entertainment purposes. Hence directly or indirectly this digital signage is being used for the movie and theatre promotions. Apart from there are various purposes for which the digital signage displays are installed in the theatre premises. Some of the additional requirements of the digital signage screens are also to display the upcoming show timings. The second reason could be to show the commercials of the brands for their branding purposes, to display the safety rules and regulations and to broadcast important messages against piracy and many more. The ways in which digital signage can prove to be the best for promotions of the following:

  • Combo offers of popcorn and other beverages which people would like to purchase and this can lead to increase in sales. Another added advantage is that the digital signage can make things more tempting with the help of attractive images which could lure the audience to buy more.
  • Advertisements of other brands and products which complement the buying choice of the audience. The theatre owners can earn extra revenue from these advertisers.
  • The multiplexes these days are mostly situated inside a mall or near to a shopping complex so in case there are some incentives that people visiting this theatre get while they shop in the same mall. This will become a key factor why people will actually look forward to looking at the ads displayed on the digital signage boards so that they are able to capture an amazing deal at nearby vicinity.