Wayfinding has come a long way from the era of maps when people used to carry a paper with the way marked over it and then with the information and the electronic age as Google came up with revolutionary software called the Google maps which has changed the way finding techniques. Technology has made way finding interactive. Now, all that being said; with the player like Google still existing in this space why does one need a way finding solution might be your question?
Essentially, wayfinding signage solutions are there in the market since a long time, even a decade ago these things existed in the malls. However, the feature in the modern day wayfinding digital signage is that they are interactive. They show you your location and then you have the option to choose your destination on the map and then it will show you the shortest path that one can take to reach there. Digital wayfinding also known as signage wayfinding are not only gizmos which allow you to find your way through, nowadays they have become smart enough to show you the details of the shop that you are looking for in case you are in a mall. And in case of a hospital more information about which bed is occupied by which patient, his reports, the details of which doctor is treating the patient and other details can also be mentioned. There is more to come in the future where signage systems will be smart enough for you to interact with people at the destination and more. Let’s be ready to what technology brings to us for the better world.
Following are some of the latest Features in the Wayfinding technology:

  • Multi-Purpose – This can act as a one stop corner which runs multiple applications like Interactive Wayfinding, Touch kiosk and information centre & gather Feedback and surveys on a single hardware. This can enable users to fill up feedback forms and also provide video testimonials. Survey can be taken in the form of text, audio and video.
  • Dynamic Directory – This can amplify the brochure viewing experience and incorporating things such as videos, HD images, animations etc.; will take things at a different level. Above all we can also make it interactive.