Why is Digital Signage a necessity for banks?

Digital signage in banking is not just beautification but also it helps banks to communicate their most important messages in most effective way. Various announcements such as interest rates, information regarding loans & schemes, guidelines to open accounts & mandatory notices by RBI.

“Cloud-based digital signage can help brands to establish a network of digital signage of all the branches located anywhere”.

These digital signages can be controlled & managed from one central location. In one simple click, all the content can be pushed to all bank branches without any hassle, leading to the efficient & dynamic communication system.

cost effective
Cost Effective
Dynamic Information Sharing
Dynamic Information Sharing
optimum utilization of resources
Optimum Utilization of Resources
customer engagement
Customer Engagement

Single Largest Rollout for SBI 2000 branches

Xtreme Media has successfully installed Digital Signage Solutions for State Bank of India. 2000 branches were covered in phase 1 which are to be extended to 21000 branches and 27000 ATM’s in due course.


“State Bank of India was looking for a solution than can provide information about bank & its products in effective manner, for which we have chosen Xtreme Media’s digital signage solution. In first phase we implemented the solution for our 500 branches; once it turned out to be success we further implemented the solution for our approximately 2100 branches. We aim to launch Xtreme Media digital signage for all our 16000 branches in near future”

Mr. Vinod Pande