Digital Signage in Theaters

With increasing number of multiplexes and moviegoers, entertainment industry needs to embrace solution like digital signage & interactive signage for better promotions & marketing.

Digital signage can be used for a variety of applications in theatres right from promoting the latest releases, inducing curiosity for upcoming movies with teasers till pushing the sale of food and other items within theatre premises.

Watching a movie has become an experience for all age groups, digital signage can transform the POP advertising and increase audience engagement. Worldwide digital signage in theatres have become ‘a must have’. For example, a normal photo booth can be transformed into selfie point with help of interactive signage solution; with help of various merchandising related to movies, theatres can provide a platform to click selfies and upload on social media platforms. This will ultimately increase the digital presence of the theatre.

Menu Boards
Static menu boards can be transformed into a dynamic & smarter digital menu boards. Overall digital signage helps in digitizing movie promotions by reducing recurring printing cost and yet create a much more effective advertising platform. With increased profits over traditional marketing mediums, the benefits of digital signage in movie theatres should not be overlooked.

Ticket Booking & Information Kiosk
Using a digital signage solution in your lobby is a smart and easy way to get your message out to your customers. Keep your patrons engaged while they line up to purchase their tickets and popcorn with concession stand information and box office movie trailers.


Digital signage is a must- have for theaters where promotions and communications are fast changing.  It allows you to refresh your communications daily if need be, keeping viewers informed about your latest movies and offers at all times.