Xtreme Media Players

Xtreme Media ® offers buyers option to opt for fully loaded digital signage solution with various available digital signage media players. We provide variety of compact, lightweight & feature rich media players on Android & Windows. These players are compatible with Xtreme Media ® digital signage software and provides hassle free easy implementation of digital signage.

Our media players are designed for 24 hours usage, an influential processor, memory storage, USB slots, Ethernet & control port, video output to monitor. VGA, DVI or even HDMI are compatible video outputs. For audio output, it requires 3.5mm jack (required for VGA / DVI output type). The Digital Signage Player Software is already embedded in this Digital Signage Player.

The feature to upload or edit content into the XM DS player through USB is also available. This feature is very helpful in case of network failures or troubleshoots. Xtreme Media ® Digital Signage player can be plugged into the back of a monitor using a Vesa mount. This makes the solution very neat and compact and deployable at any location.

XM Quad81

Lightweight, user friendly SoC digital signage solution.

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XM-4K QuadTV82

Enjoy 4k resolution with compact design with this android media player.

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XM Windows Media Player

Delivers high performance with reliability.

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