Digital display solution blends technology & marketing. It helps brands to communicate effectively through various digital visual content & easing the process of designing & distribution of content.


Interactive Wayfinding

Locate your favorite store or meeting destination with easy to use & update Xtreme Media® Interactive Wayfinding Signage Solution.

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Flight Information Display System [FIDS]

Guide passengers gracefully with Xtreme Media® Flight Information Display System [FIDS], specially designed to handle complex flight schedules at airports.

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Queue Management System

Manage long queues, entertain customers & promote your brand with highly effective Xtreme Media® Queue Management System

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Meeting Room Management

Avoid the hassle & bring automation in booking and managing meeting rooms through Xtreme Media® Meeting Mate [Room Scheduler].

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Crowd Analytics

Measure ROI (Return on Investment) of your digital signage campaign and understand customer behavior with Xtreme Media® Crowd Analytics.

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Gesture Digital Signage

Engage your customers & create greater impact through your digital displays by deploying advanced Xtreme Media® Gesture Digital Signage.

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One prefers the brand that they feel more connected with. Through various interactive digital display solutions, brand can upsurge brand engagement.