Samsung Digital Signage Smart Platform

Xtreme Media® digital signage solution supports in-built digital signage platforms like Samsung Digital Signage Smart Platform. In-built digital signage comes with panel, to provide feature rich digital signage for such requirements; Xtreme Media® has collaborated with Samsung and developed our digital signage on this platform.

Xtreme Media® digital signage provides various features on Samsung Digital Signage platform, and by obtaining such solution user can use hardware to minimal. It is a web based solution that provides support for various content formats to ensure effective content creation.

Ready To Use Templates

 Samsung Digital Signage

ShowTime’s Coming Up Movies Template

 Samsung Digital Signage

Movie Screen, Trailer & Menu Template

 Samsung Digital Signage

Portrait Mode Theatre Template

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Features SSSP Ultimate SSSP Advanced SSSP Basic
Web Based Remote Management Yes Yes Yes
Multi- Regions Yes Yes Yes
Content Support Yes Yes Yes
Content Scheduling Any time On Hourly Basis On Display Start Up
Playback From Dynamic Source Yes Yes RSS & Web Page
Text Scroll Yes Yes Yes
Content Creation(Non Animated Templates) Yes Yes Yes
Smart Download Any Time On Hourly Basis On Start Up
User Management
Create New Users/User Group /Player/Module Yes Yes No
Remote Player Management
Remote Software Upgrades & Enabling/Disabling of DS Software Yes Yes Yes
Manage Display Storage Remotely Yes No No
Set Shutdown or Reboot Time Yes No No