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Dynamic digital signage network is replacing static displays in all OOH communications, be it for in-transit location like airports, stations or bus-stops or various businesses like retail, banking, healthcare, entertainment, hospitality, etc. Getting your brand message & communications across on these displays is simpler than ever before with Xtreme Media ® is a digital signage company which provides digital signage solution.

By connecting a compatible Android or Windows media player, you can simply plug and play to get started with Xtreme Media ® digital signage in one click. Xtreme Media ® digital signage is also available on Samsung Smart Signage Platform & LG WebOS that offer displays with in-built media players. Create your private 24/7 channel & monitor your digital signages worldwide through our next generation platform for digital media.

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“We have been using the Xtreme Media® services from past 3 years; two of their major products are vertical stock tickers & cylindrical LED video wall. Vertical tickers we use to show stock market rates & data; the specialty of this solution is the flow of the data goes upwards when market is going up & vice-versa. Cylindrical videowall is also showcasing same data but in various graphical format. For this kind of unique feature Xtreme Media® has coded a special software solution for National Stock Exchange of India”
Mr. Ravi Varanasi, Business Development Chief, National Stock Exchange Of India
“Xtreme Media® has broken the rules of the way digital media is used by integrating software & hardware to provide an integrated service. Xtreme Media® is a company would back in long term”
Mr. Sanjay Kapur, Vice Chairman & CEO, Sona Koyo Group
“State Bank of India was looking for a solution that can provide information about bank & its products in effective manner, for which we have chosen Xtreme Media®’s digital signage solution. In first phase we implemented the solution for our 500 branches; once it turned out to be success we further implemented the solution for our approximately 2100 branches. We aim to launch Xtreme Media® digital signage for all our 16000 branches in near future”
Mr. Vinod Pande, Managing Director (Corporate Communication and Change Management), SBI
“Xtreme Media® Digital Signage is a dynamic solution that is powering in-house screens for Adidas India. It’s easy-to-use content manager allows us to showcase various content formats in an integrated and creative manner. XM solutions helped us in digitizing our internal communications. As they are providing end-to-end services, the execution of the solution was easy & convenient”
Mr. Zahid Ansari, Infrastructure Ops. Manager, Adidas India
“We have incorporated Xtreme Media’s digital signage solution at 10 of our branches in Mumbai. Prior to this solution all our branches had TV screens but we had very little control over it and it were often overlooked by the visitors. This problem of what content to run & how to run was completely eradicated with this solution. Digital signage gave us liberty to showcase content formats such as videos and quality images which created a long lasting impression on customer’s mind and proved as unique selling point for us. We prepared 8 destination videos which are currently running on screens & managed centrally by us. Another problem this solution addressed was waiting time. We often have visitors waiting for longer durations; through this digital signage screens they are kept entertained while our executives gets time to attend them. Overall this solution has helped our brand to present itself in a very well manner in front of our customers.”
Ms. Bhavna Sawant, Assistant Manager Project & Compliance Management, Veena Patil Hospitality Pvt. Ltd.
“Xtreme Media has provided a flawless feedback generation system & digital signage software along with an administrator server which controls both the systems simultaneously. Along with the ‘Feedback Management Solution’, Xtreme Media also provided custom made feedback form & feedback display output. It was a great experience working with Xtreme Media as the project was completed as per our requirement.”
Mr. Ashish Mishra, Shapoorji Pallonji Group
“Working with Xtreme Media has been a pleasant experience. We were looking for an innovative solution which aid visitors to locate and reach their destination quickly and conveniently. Xtreme Media’s customized Interactive Wayfinding Solution assist visitors to find their desired shop or destination quickly and in turn, help us in providing a superior customer experience.”
Mr. Amit Kumar, Senior Centre Director, Phoenix Mills Ltd.

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